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Favorite links related to building and cooking with a wood burning  oven

One of the wonderful aspects of this  area of interest, wood burning brick oven construction and cooking, is how the online community shares information and experiences.   Following are some of my favorite links to stories, pictures, hints, and advise on brick ovens.    

Some great online resources from an active member of the Brick Oven community

How to build a pizza oven - 

Kiko Denzer / Hand Print Press


Ovens etc.

Art etc.:

Blackoven  An excellent web site with great pictures and associated narrative covering an oven building workshop, and a cooking workshop.   Also recipes and links to cooking, building, and related sites.  This is the site with the core plans, concepts, and interactive forum I used in the construction of my wood burning oven  A site that I visited  often for links and information on construction concepts and recipes.   So much to learn, so little time to read.  This site is super for links to many great reading and learning experiences.   A wonderful site with an awesome forum on cooking as well as building a wood fired oven  Australia oven and Blog.  Good photos, links, and a very good narrative on various constructions steps.  This is a new find for me.  Some great pictures and narrative on construction and cooking of an outdoor kitchen wood burning brick pizza. Great site with construction pictures and information, recipes, references, and links to other sites.  Interesting site with recipes and an interactive forum on cooking  Another site with recipes and an interactive forum on cooking Check out this blog from another one of the creative pizza oven builders out there   Another great site covering the building of a cob oven, on top of the slab - hearth design used and described on this site.   Pretty cool mix of oven building approaches, with a good looking and functional cover over the top.


Send me your link (info1@ozarkdreams.comX (remove "X") ) if you have a theme related site and would like to be included on this page.  Relevant  links to  appreciated.

Happy Cooking!


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