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Sources for Materials Used in the Construction of the Wood Burning Pizza Oven 

This wood burning pizza oven was constructed in Dallas, TX.  The sources for fire bricks, vermiculite, restaurant supplies including pizza cooking and service items (pizza peal / pizza paddle, serving trays, ..)  here are available locally as well as remote delivery.  Check out the respective web sites for these companies for details.   

  • Fire Bricks Boral Bricks Boral Bricks.   Located in Carrollton, TX.   Denton Drive, between Jackson and Beltline Road
  • VermiculiteULINE - Shipping supply specialistsUline (   ) , Coppell, TX.  Source of packing material which includes Vermiculite which they sell as absorbent material for packing liquids.  Grade 4 is a large, course size which I has worked out wonderfully for the oven insulation.   They have an Internet site and seem to ship to almost anywhere.  Two bag minimum on order.  I ordered two bags and wish I had ordered three!
  • Cement, Sand, Lime, Re-bar, re-enforcing mesh:  Home Supply stores.   The big chains are almost everywhere and supply almost everything you need. 
  • Glass blocks (used in Chimney): also found at local home supply stores.  I used these glass blocks for the effect of the flames in the glass, and to match the glass blocks I had previously used in remodeling the kitchen in the house.
  • Pizza Peel / Paddle; brash brush for cleaning oven floor; serving pans; cooking is a major Restaurant Supply company that has a local outlet in North Dallas (on Forest Lane, just East of Josey Lane) and they are wonderful.  Friendly to home (non wholesale) users.  More toys and cooking and serving goodies than you can imagine.  Check out their supplies locally or on their web site. 
  • Fire Clay:  Click on Retail, then Raw Materials.  Dry Clays.  I purchased 2, 50 lb bags of Hawthorne Bond after discussing my building application with the sales person.  I still have part of the 1st bag left for my small oven so 1 bag may be enough for your outdoor kitchen brick oven project if it is a similar size to mine.


Questions on other sources?  Email info1@ozarkdreams.comX  (REMOVE THE "X") with your question and I will dig up the source I used for a that item if I can find it :)

Check back in the future as I will add more sources and also dimensions and other details of the oven project.


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